Our Brand Plugin


Go to Administrator and select Configuration► Local Plugins. Search in Group for Shivaay Soft and Select OurBrand then click Install. To make the plugins functional, restart the application


Go to Dashboard » Shivaay Soft » Plugins » Our Brand » Configuration

►If you want to add a data in OurBrand click on Add new button displayed on right side of top

► Add new record

  • 1.Our Brand Information tab
  • Brand name: Enter name of brand.
  • Widget: select widget zones where to display this brand on public site.
  • Published: check to publish this brand. If this field is unchecked this brand is not displayed on public site.
  • Customer Roles: Choose one or several customer roles i.e. administrators, vendors, guests who will be able to see this brand.
  • Limited to Stores: Option to limit this brand to a certain store. If you have multiple stores choose one or several from the list. If you don't use this option just leave this field empty.
  • And then click on save button. It will redirect you to list of our brand.
  • If you want to stay on current click on save and continue button.
  • 2.Manufacturer

First of all you need to save the OurBrand before you can add manufacturer for this OurBrand Page.

To open a popup of manufacturer list click on add manufacturer.

After this changes the public site with our Diffrent themes show following images.

1.StoreBox Theme

2.Jewellery Theme

3.SuperMarket Theme

4.Cosmetic Theme