Latest News Plugin


Go to Administrator and select Configuration► Local Plugins. Search in Group for Shivaay Soft and Select Latest News then click Install. To make the plugins functional, restart the application


Go to Dashboard » Shivaay Soft » Plugins » Latest News » Configuration

►If you want to add a data in Latest News click on Add new button displayed on right side of top

►If you want to search existing data enter a title of news in search tab

1.Latest News Information tabd

  • 1.Latest News Information tab
  • Title: Enter a title of News.
  • Widget: select widget zones where to display this News on public site.
  • Published: check to publish this news. If this field is unchecked this news is not displayed on public site.
  • Display order: Give a Display order to this news where to show in list of news.
  • Customer Roles: Choose one or several customer roles i.e. administrators, vendors, guestswho will be able to see this newsItem.
  • Limited to Stores: Option to limit this newsitem to a certain store. If you have multiple stores choose one or several from the list. If you don't use this option just leave this field empty.
  • And then click on save button. It will redirect you to list of latest news.
  • If you want to stay on current click on save and continue button.
  • 2.News Item List

First of all you need to save the Latest News before you can Add News Item for this Latest News Page.

To open a popup of news item list click on add news item.

Select one or several news from the list and click on save. The list of newsitem is added to latest news.

After this changes the public site with our Diffrent themes show following images.

1.StoreBox Theme

2.Jewellery Theme

3.SuperMarket Theme

We have not showing this plugin in our demo theme.But you can use this plugin,it will show same as we have shown in above theme

4.Cosmetic Theme