Anywhere Banner Plugin


Go to Administrator and select Configuration► Local Plugins. Search in Group for Shivaay Soft and Select Anywhere Banner then click Install. To make the plugins functional, restart the application


Go to Dashboard » Shivaay Soft » Plugins » Anywhere Banner» Configuration

►If you want to add a data in anywhere banner click on Add new button displayed on right side of top

►If you want to search existing data select start date or end date in search tab

Add new record

If you click on add new button the following page opens.

  • In Picture field you can upload a picture to show in desktops and laptops.
  • In Mobile Picture field you can upload a picture to show in Mobile devices.
  • In publish field click the checkbox to show banner on public site (if you want to hide the banner do not click checkbox)
  • In Start date and End date field select start date - time, end date -time to show your banner to display for particular time. If you leave blank start date and end date the banner will show until you delete or unpublished the banner.
  • In CTA (Click to Action)field type a link to redirect to specific page or some action to do.
  • In Customer Roles field choose one or several customer roles to display the banner for selected customer roles. If you don’t need this option leave it as blank.
  • Limited to Stores option is used to limit this banner to certain store.
  • In widget filed choose one or several widget zones to show this banner to the particular widget zones on front store

The effect of this banner will show in particular widget zone like show in following images with our Different themes.

1.StoreBox Theme

2.Jewellery Theme

3.SuperMarket Theme

4.Cosmetic Theme